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This option allows you to access standard information about yourself including:

  • Details of your User Record and the Option to edit those items;
  • Projects that you own and a project Gantt chart;
  • Check Your User Log;
  • The Permissions that have been granted to you;
  • Ability to Change your own Password.


1 Edit This User

The option "edit this user" allows you to modify the details that have been entered against your user record. The details you can modify are:

Password Your password will be displayed as a number of **** symbols for protection. If you want to change your password enter it twice (in the two fields provided). Regardless of what you enter the display will always be asterisks to protect your password's identity.
Confirm Password Second entry, used to confirm when you are changing your password. If the system finds that the password you have entered in both fields is not identical dotProject will advise and not change your password until both fields match.
Name There are two name fields to be completed – First and Second Name in that order.
Department You can select / modify the department to which the user is associated.
Email User's email address.
Email Signature Standard signature block to be incorporated on the bottom of all emails sent via dotProject from this user.

NOTE: Required Fields indicates these fields must include some details to allow this user record to be saved.

Further information associated with this user is saved in their contact record (this includes addresses / telephone numbers and other “contact” style information). If you wish to change any of that you can click on the “edit contact info” link.

2 Change Your Password

There is an option that allows you to change your password on the extreme right hand side of the option line. This option will display a popup screen (saving you going into Edit this User).

To change your password you will first need to enter your current password, then enter the new password twice (once in each field). The system will check to ensure that both versions of the new password are identical before resetting the original password.

3 Setting Your Default Preferences

From within the My Info link at the right hand top of all screens you can access the option "edit preferences". This option allows you to set some of the standard features of dotProject to your particular liking. These preferences are outlined below.

3.1 Locale Setting

Depending upon the number of translation packages you have installed there will be more than one locale to be selected. Selecting the locale establishes the default translation package to be used - any sites with no translation packages available will default to "English".

3.2 Tabbed Box View

This option sets the preferred format for tabbed views throughout the system.

You have three layout versions that you can select from:

Either Allows you to select tabbed or flat per screen within the application.
Tabbed Displays everything in the tabbed view – no option to select.
Flat[1] Displays everything in flat (untabbed) display.

3.3 Short Date Format

This option sets your short date format. You will find that support for the short date format varies throughout dotProject. This is a limitation that we're aware of and will be working on.

3.4 Time Format

This option sets your preferred time format.

3.5 Currency Format

This sets your required currency format - may be limited based on the number of available translations on your site.

3.6 User Interface Style

This option allows you to select the preferred user interface style or theme.

There are currently only two official themes.

Default Clean Style Standard user interface
The Classic dotProject Style Original theme, designed by original developer

3.7 User Task Assignment Minimum

This option allows you to nominate the default maximum percentage applied to each task for your user login. The default is 100% but if you are, for example, a part time worker you may wish to set this to an alternative figure (e.g. 50%). This is the commencement of proper resource management and will help slightly with the allocation of resources to tasks, but you need to keep in mind that over-allocation, resource calendars and full resource management are currently being worked on in dotProject and are not completed / operational.

3.8 Default Event Filter

This option allows you to establish the required default event filter that you would like to use. The options available are:

My Events List just events that belong to the current user
Events I Created Original theme, designed by original developer
All Events Events regardless of who is an invitee and who created the event

Please note in 2.x dotProject you will need to logout and log back in again to ensure that the filter you set it honoured.

3.9 Task Notification Method

This option establishes the default task and event notification method you would like to use:

Do not include task / event owner This is the system default and the task or event owner is not advised of updates via email
Includes task/event owner Send notifications to the task and event owner

3.10 Task Log Email Defaults

This option sets up the default settings for Task Log emails. You can turn on any of the options Email Assignees, Email Task Contacts or Email Project Contacts so that every time you complete a task log the email out function will automatically occur. Remember that this would have to be turned off at each task log if you want emailing out to be optional.

3.11 Task Log Email Subject

This option sets a default email subject for your task log.

3.12 Task Log Email Recording Method

This option allows you to set up how a task log emailed record is incorporated into particular task logs. If you turn it off then the notice that a particular task log was emailed and to whom will not be incorporated, if you turn it on it will automatically be incorporated at the bottom of the task log entry after the task log has been saved.

3.13 Owned Projects Tab

At the bottom of the screen there are a series of tabs which display information specific to you as a user. The first tab shows all the projects that have been established in dotProject owned by the current user. You can use the names of these projects as links. Click on the name of the project to go straight to the project view.

3.14 Projects Gantt Tab

This tab will display the All Projects Gantt at present (we're changing that in future releases to be a user specific Gantt chart).

3.15 User Log Tab

This option allows you to see the dates and times that you have logged in and out. You can nominate the start and finish dates for the report.

3.16 Permissions Tab

This tab, when selected, will display a list of all your current permission settings (if any).

3.17 Roles Tab

This tab shows a list of the specific permission roles that you been assigned.

For more details please refer to Permissions

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6 Footnotes

  1. ? The flat view will eventually be dropped from dotProject as it is too limited in managing large lists and does not support much of the interactive functionality we are working on.
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