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There is no "company" behind dotProject.

Instead you are dealing with a dedicated but 100% volunteer group who give their time and energy freely and frequently above and beyond the call of duty.

The development team behind, under, in front of and frequently buried by dotProject are a great bunch of people. Kind, considerate, thoughtful, experienced, hard working and capable of immensely generous acts.

They can also be opinionated, dogmatic, stubborn, or whatever else they want to be. We don't care, this is a great bunch of people and all dotProject users owe them a vote of thanks and maybe a beer when they run into them in the pub :)

As of November 2007 we've decided that a rejig of the structure is required. We've done that because we're experiencing some real difficulties in moving forward. Partially these have been because of lack of focus / too much going on for individual members / partially it is because we've got to undertake a technology upheaval in order to move forward. Regardless of the reasons, we've set up a completely new structure which will lay out as follows:


1 Development Team

Technical Lead, Admin, Elder Statesman

Adam Donnison and Gryphon, Melbourne, Australia

After over 16 years of running Saki Computer Services as a full-time business, they are taking a break from that particular piece of insanity and Adam is now lucky enough to be working in the Web Team of MySQL. Saki is still running quietly in the background with Karen doing the occasional job. It's still located in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne.

Mostly these days, other than working hard in the day job (which he loves) Adam is still working on sustainable and environmental projects, brews cider (the alcoholic kind), beer, mead and wines, and tries to explain Permaculture to those who wonder why the tomatoes are growing up the apple trees. He's also trying desperately to ride his bike around larger and larger routes without having to get off and fight for breath. His computerised toilet greywater management system continues to plug away - particularly useful in a time of severe drought.

His private blog is infrequently updated at:

Adam Donnison and Gryphon
2IC / Patch Authoriser

Ivan Peevski, Citizen of the World

You'll have seen Ivan around a lot. Ivan has spent a lot of his very few years moving around the world, and still spends a part of his time in Adelaide and a part of it in his original home - Bulgaria. Ivan is an active contributor to the general programming effort in dotProject as well as a contributor of a number of our more successful add on modules.

When not programming wherever he is in the world at any given moment, well there doesn't seem to be a time when he's not unless you count the occasional sleep and eat..... Ivan, what exactly is it that you do when you're not programming? (cyberhorse)

Ivan's shy... no image... hmmmm maybe I should make one up?
Lead Developer

Gregor Erhardt, Freiburg, Germany

The need for a suitable intranet and/or project management application for a local non-profit mountaineering school in Freiburg/Southern Germany - his home town - let Gregor come across dotProject. At this time, dotProject wasn't available in German yet, but some days later it was :-) ...

Besides studying mathematics and sports, he is spending a lot of time with that great being taking part in his life, trying to find the time for rock climbing or teaching others how to climb a rock. In his humble opinion an ideal world would be peaceful, green, free and equal (in rights). Always searching for freedom he is a strong advocate of free software. The following motto (translated from German) from Albert Einstein is his strongest motivation for avoiding any orderliness: A genius is seldom orderly, an orderly person is rarely of genius.

Gregor contributes a considerable amount of effort to the general programming tasks of dotProject and never fails to be there when the going get's tough and a release gets going.

Gregor and Avian Friend
Lead Developer

Eamon Brosnan, Sydney, Australia

mosen is our forum-phobic, (and seemingly photo-phobic) IRC addicted new team member. His contribution of the LDAP authentication and custom fields changes are recent additions to the 2.0 release. I know for a fact that when mosen's not working at dotProject or his day job, he's clearing off the furniture, trying to get some home brewing going and developing an on-line Chinese Chess game so that he and Adam can continue the tournament started when mosen visited recently. He is currently deeply involved in learning German and harbours dreams and passions for moving to Germany.


Currently recruiting

For an archive of the discussions - please see:

2 Maintenance Team

Developer / Patch Co-Ordinator

Matthew Dirks, USA

Matthew is active on the bug listing, working directly with fixes that he provides himself as well as working through reports and providing excellent follow up. Matthew is also a relatively recent member of the dev team and has been very reticent so I'm referring to him as Mysterious Matthew (MerlinYoda).

Well, are you surprised they won't send me a photo - and they call ME photo phobic.

Benjamin Young, BigBlueHat, USA

Part of the founding and managing group of site hosting company Benjamin is also a member of our development group. Look up patience in the dictionary and you'll see a photo of Benjamin, who has frequently had to put up with Karen's slightly dotty attempts to remember how to use ftp :). For quite some considerable period of time, BigBlueHat's provided practical ongoing support of the project by providing us with a home for the web environment.

We highly recommend their web packages - they are a great and very helpful hoster. (TheIdeaMan)


3 Administration, Documentation, stuff

4 QA / Testing


Karen Chisholm and Clancy, Melbourne Australia

Karen is the main documentation writer and active admin on the dotProject sites. She's the one that's responsible for every stupid decision ever made on the dotProject websites from the choice of Postnuke to the defyingly arrogant choice of each best of breed environment that you're forced to use. Does she care? Not anymore she doesn't <VBEG>. Due to a lack of volunteers and a general lack of activity in the past, she is now also building and maintaining test cases and performing what QA can be done by one person for each new release.

In her official life Karen has been a Project Manager for over 25 years, these days she prefers technical writing. She is very involved in identifying functional direction for dotProject, but has no involvement whatsoever in coding as not a programmer.

Aside from dreaming up evil ways to destroy your lives on the website, Karen gardens, running a constant battle against kamikaze chooks and dogs. Oh and she reads an enormous amount of crime fiction. So be very careful - she knows how to kill people. She also regrets greatly that her photo doesn't include Phoenix, the prettiest Bitch Queen of a German Shepherd you ever laid eyes on. (Karen and Adam are the proud parents of 4 dogs and 20ish chooks).

Her private blog is frequently updated at:
And her world is:

Karen Chisholm and Clancy

5 Specification / Functional Directions

to be advised


Pierre Yves Simonot, France

We were delighted when Pierre agreed to join the dev team recently. Pierre has a considerable experience in Project Management and brings an indepth knowledge of process as well as practical real-life Project Management expertise.

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