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Firstly, we do not have an open door policy. Members of the development team are identified and invited by the administrators to join. Dev Team will show you who is currently on the team.

We are always on the lookout for participants to join the team and help out with the project as a whole.

We are, however, a smallish team by design and preference and we are not looking for volunteers with absolutely no track record and no history with the project. To be brutally honest, we're not even vaguely interested in your personal recommendation on your coding ability, your stunning range of experience with <whatever> environments and the way that you can drag this product, kicking and screaming into the stratosphere.

We are always looking to ensure that the standard of the development team members remains high, and that they will ensure the core aims of the project - to produce project management software that is maintained and supported.

Our most important aim is always to ensure the highest possible morale and sense of camaraderie in the dev team. We're very very careful about the personalities that we bring into that group and a co-operative attitude is a large part of that.

1 Core Development Team

If you are interested in joining the dev team, then you will need to establish a track record with this project. What the admin team do, on a daily basis, is monitor the support forums ( and bug reporting site ( looking for possible contributors / likely candidates.

So our best suggestion to you is to roll up your sleeves and contribute. That contribution doesn't always have to be lines of code as well - if you can assist with support that is an area that all projects appreciate help with. If you want to contribute some documentation, why not pick one of the currently undocumented add on modules and send us in your work. Alternatively you might like to consider translating the existing documentation - we can have a chat about the best way to provide alternative language versions of everything here if you're interested. Ultimately, if you've got the sleeves rolled up and you're giving something back to the Project then somebody will notice you.

If you think you have been doing an excellent job and you're a bit put out because we've not been in touch then you can drop a Private Message to Karen to check if there is a reason - but please make sure you have a track record first - one or two support posts won't cut it.

2 Add On Module Developer

dotMods or the Add On Modules project is open to anybody who wants to contribute a module. Obviously it's preferable if you are going to maintain that module on an ongoing basis - not because it makes much difference to the core development team or administrators, as we won't support the module under any circumstances, but because you can build quite a reputation by providing that ongoing support. You'll receive the accolades of your user base, the dotProject admins will smile benevolently upon you, you'll be popular.... whatever.

But if you have a module which you think is of benefit please let us know what it is and, while you're doing that, send your sourceforge ID to admins at dotproject guess what net

This also applies to any add-on modules that are languishing, unloved and neglected, or if there's one there that you'd like to get actively involved in - send us your sourceforge details and dive in.

3 Translators

Translations are particularly welcome - they assist everybody and they are feasible for non-programmers / community members to provide.

If you find that your language is already covered, why not consider providing a translation for a particular working group (ie terminology that relates to NGO's / Software Companies / Builders / Local Government Groups / etc.) That sort of assistance is invaluable.

For details on how to get your translation out to the general community see

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