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AS OF LATE 2007 the marketplace has been shutdown - we're looking at alternatives at the moment.

The dotProject Marketplace is a project posting / bidding site allowing interested sponsors to outline changes or additions to dotProject that they would be willing to pay to have done, that members of the dotProject Dev Team to bid on.

Anybody is welcome to sign up to post a project. Only Development Team Members can bid on / do the work.


1 Why

We do not have the backing of any other financial support so all the work that is currently done on dotProject is mostly voluntary and/or as a result of other paying jobs. This can mean that, because of a slightly pressing need for us all to eat sometimes, voluntary development can be erratic as we all work at paying jobs.

dotProject(s) has been established to try to encourage some commercial sponsorship of small developments within dotProject to assist in the provision of ongoing improvements and updates to the product.

We do have a commission system running on all bids - you pay a small commission to post a project and a small commission is extracted at the end of the job. We have set this commission as low as possible, and the money that comes out of that is distributed to our hosting service (who currently carry the dotProject environment free of charge) and to pay for other ancillary costs that come up as part of the project management. We also have a charity scheme - which is explained at dotProject Donation Distribution

2 What

We use a third party, purchased script the provides all of the functionality on the site. The way that it behaves is stipulated by that script and we can't make changes to the way it operates.

3 How

If you go to you can sign-up, have a look at any currently running projects, check out reputations of our developers etc.

4 What Happens

When you visit the dotProject Marketplace site you can sign up as a Supporter (create an account).

Once you have done that you are able to post projects that the dev team can then bid on.

When posting a project we charge a small fee which goes to the dotProject admins. This is then distributed partially to the hosting company as some recompense for the bandwidth that the project uses, some is accumulating to pay for the hosting of this documentation site, some is accumulated and regular donations are provided to charities. Some is withdrawn by the admins to purchase items such as the vbulletin software that the forums run on, the script that the marketplace runs on and other necessary elements to keep the project ticking over. THIS FEE IS NOT PART OF SOME NEFARIOUS SCAM or cunning scheme of ours to get rich so to the minority of people who like to open all discussions with us with that opening line, please cut it out or use another service if you object to the $5.00 (give or take a bit) it costs to post a project.

Once you have posted a project, it is put in a moderation queue. An admin will check it as soon as they are able (PLEASE make allowances for different timezones, weekends or sometimes we're just flat out at work), but we will check it as soon as possible. If you're worried about an overly long delay (eg > couple of days) by all means send a note to us via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the screen). What the admin does is double check that the functionality you are asking for doesn't already exist, that the project is not made up of spam (as surprising as that might seem - it has happened) and is worded in such a way as to ensure that one of the dev team will be able to follow what you require. The project is then approved and the posting is visible. Along with being incorporate in the main view, a notification email is sent to all dev team members who can then opt to ask questions (via the message board) or bid on the project. From there you will be guided on the way to accept a bid / ask for more information etc via the script itself.

Remember that you can also see the reputation / what others have said about the particular developer via the feedback links on the front view of the Marketplace.

Once the project is completed, payment to the dev team member is done via a deposit via the Marketplace. This payment is then transferred to the dev team member's accounts and the admins will arrange for the money to be physically transferred to them. All of that is done via Paypal. When paying you will pay a small % over the total bid price to cover paypal fees and a small commission back to the project, which is again, used as outlined above.

5 What can I Sponsor

Obviously lots of people sponsor changes that they particularly want for their own installation. What you can also do is pick something from the upcoming development features list What's_New_-_3.0 and post that as a project - that way you'd be helping advance the project as well as getting something that might benefit you.

6 Why Won't It Accept my Project and what's this about trying to contact people

The script aggressively checks for attempts by supporters to contact developers outside the script facilities. It does this by assuming that any instance of the word mail / email or similar in any of the bid discussions is likely to mean that somebody is soliciting direct contact. If you really need to get around that use e mail or send me a communication or some other obfuscation.

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