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Free support is provided via our bulletin boards / forum at

You will need to register an account to be able to post a question - follow the prompts provided by vbulletin to create an account.

Note: Before you can post you MUST activate your account by following the instructions provided in an email sent to the account that you provided during registration. Without that activation you cannot post.

Once you are in the forums please follow our simple rules:

This is a volunteer run project. All of the development team volunteer the majority of the time that they spend on this project. Remember that and please treat the team and their donated time with respect.

You are very welcome here as our guest, but we would appreciate it if you would familarise yourself with the following rules, by which all activity on these boards will be managed:

1. These boards are provided for the support of dotProject - no third party applications (including PHP, MySQL, Postnuke etc) are supported here.

2. Do not send Private Messages asking for support to any participants on this board.

3. Do not send support requests via the Contact Listings and/or Contact us buttons.

4. Do not demand or badger team members for support or changes within dotProject.

5. Be polite - gratuitous digs at individuals, team members, developers or other community members will result in your immediate removal from our community.

6. We provide dotProject free of charge, as is, with all best efforts on our part to maintain the product. In return we expect you to devote some time and energy to the project. By this we mean investigate the functionality yourself (there is a demo and you can download the product and install it yourself); read the documentation site; follow the bug reports and search these forums.

7. Use the relevant forums for your posting.

8. No double posting of the same question in different forums. This includes reworded versions of the same question.

9. Do not use simultaneous multiple postings, private messages, contact emails etc to raise the same issue over and over again. These invariably come to the same people and will be regarded as harrassment.

10. No spamming, advertising, flogging services, telling us about your latest and greatest discovery or any other variation thereof. No spamming / selling products in your signatures - signatures along these lines will be instantly removed and you will be put on moderation.

11. No uppercase posting in titles and/or within posts.

12. Use intelligent and informative post titles - HELP ME and titles of that ilk will be ignored and/or closed.

13. No bumping.

14. Keep signatures to a reasonable length, avoid images and pretty graphics and no subtle spam and hawking.

15. Avatars are permitted but keep them to no larger than 60 pixels square - no animation please. Same rules as with all other offensive material apply.

16. Do not use inflammatory posting topics, language and accusations against any forum participants. The use of provocative language in subject lines and/or post contents will result in immediate moderation. Continuation of this behaviour will result in a permanent ban.

17. No pornographic or offensive text, images, links.

18. Respect other sites, users and products copyright.

19. No discussions regarding other products, projects or applications except where it directly relates to dotProject. In particular, no continuation of others arguments here.

20. No use of in ([IMG][/IMG]) tags.

21. No bullying, harassment, intimidation or abusive behaviour.

22. Technical discussions only - this is not a board for the provision of personal advice of any kind.

These rules are regularly reviewed and adjusted. It is your responsibility to ensure that you remain cognisant of their contents.

If any users of the board are concerned about the nature of any posts - please advise the board moderators immediately. If you believe that the corrective action has been inadequate please ask the moderator group to review and an alternative moderator will be asked to intercede.

The project administrators, who provide these boards for your use, reserve the right to take any action they deem necessary to enforce these rules. These actions may include moderation and/or removal of your posts, banning from this site, etc. Please note that project administrator's actions are final and no discussion will be entered into.

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