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Note: We have purposely not included images in this documentation due to the difficulties in keeping these up to date and the confusion that arises when different themes are used.

The following are links to the general information available about dotProject, finding dotProject resources, status of dotProject and using this site.

1 Site Introduction

Main Page
  • Main / Introductory page

2 Using this Site

Using this Site 
  • Please read to understand how to use this site

3 What is Included

What is Included 
  • Brief summary of functionality provided within dotProject

4 Where Do you Find...

Where Do You Find 

5 dotProject Status

Status Information 
  • Status / Current Releases of dotProject including future development roadmaps.

6 Dev Team Members

Dev Team
  • Our Illustrious Development Team Members

7 dotProject Testing /QA Program

dotProject Testing and QA Program
  • This page outlines the dotProject Testing and QA Program

8 Third Party Support / Services

Third Party Support and Services
  • This page outlines the third party support and services that active supporters of the project provide. Please support them, by doing that you're directly supporting dotProject

--KarenC 12:07, 1 November 2006 (EST)

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