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Feature Suggestions or requests from the user community are always welcome.

Particularly if you:

  • Feature suggestions should be lodged at http://bugs.dotproject.net as this is the place where the maintenance team will consider all suggestions. The forum at http://forums.dotproject.net is for discussing the suggestion further as outlined below - but there is no chance that the suggestion will be picked up by the dev team from there as most of the maintenance team are very infrequent visitors to the support forums and there is no way we can follow up / track posts there anyway.
  • Check that something similar has not already been lodged - have a search around, don't assume that the exact wording you've got in mind is the exact wording somebody else came up.
  • Check in particular that the request hasn't been lodged and already provided / completed or rejected - you may have to change the filters on your view to see closed issues.
  • Check that we're not already well aware of what you are suggesting and actively considering it Status Information
  • Just because the request was rejected once before, don't think by lodging it again you'll have a better chance than the other person. That just chews up our administration time and doesn't achieve anything for anybody.
  • Give some thought to your idea. Does it really really really contribute anything to a project management environment. Don't, for example, suggest that we create a really fabulous way of keeping track of your library books, just as a not so wild example, what on earth does that have to do with project management
  • If you're not sure - discuss it on the Feature Requests forum http://forums.dotproject.net - find out if you're talking about something valid before you lodge the paperwork - save you administrator the heartache of slogging through all those feature requests that nobody is even vaguely interested in.
  • Don't create duplicate requests - we aren't fussed if you do it accidentally (although a quick note on the request to warn us would be nice), but if you do it repeatedly you'll probably make us wonder if you're not being overly pushy and we may just take your lodgement rights away.

Finally feature requests are lodged at http://bugs.dotproject.net - you'll need to login and when lodging the ticket, select Feature Request. For details on how these are processed see Release Process

Also see Category:Mantis Projects

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