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Note: We have purposely not included images in this documentation due to the difficulties in keeping these up to date and the confusion that arises when different themes are used.

This page provides links in logical progression through understanding the new permissions system in dotProject (as of 2.x).


1 Basic Environment

dotProject permissions use phpGACL libraries, which implement Access Control Lists within the dotProject environment.

For general information about Access Control Lists please refer to the phpgACL manual available from the above web site. Alternatively may provide you with some extra information.

2 How ACL's are applied within dotProject

ACLs in dotProject

3 dotProject Roles

Permissions - dotProject Roles
  • This page describes how dotProject Roles are structured.

4 Applying Roles to Users

Permissions - Applying Roles to Users
  • This page describes how you apply dotProject Roles to Users.

5 Modifying Roles at the User Level

Permissions - Modifying Roles at the User
  • This page describes how you can add extra levels of permissions at the user level, for example, limiting users to accessing particular company and/or project information.

6 Why dotProject Permissions Are the Way They Are

Permissions - Why
  • This page provides an outline of the methodology adopted when dotProject Permissions were redeveloped at release 2.x

7 Known Limitations

Permissions - Known Limitations
  • This page lists the known limitations and dependencies of the Permissions environment and what action, if any, is planned in the future.

8 Examples of Permission Setups

Permissions - Examples of Permission Setups
  • This page provides some example permission setups for you to use as a basis for developing your own permissions scheme.
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