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Note: We have purposely not included images in this documentation due to the difficulties in keeping these up to date and the confusion that arises when different themes are used.


1 dotProject Code Repository

dotProject Code Repository
  • This link provides details on the dotProject Code Repository

2 Coding Standard

Coding Standard
  • This link outlines the mandatory coding standard to be used for any submissions to dotProject.

3 dotProject Database Schema

Database Schema
  • This link provides the XML source of the database schema for dotProject 2.x (first draft)

4 Module Development

Module Development
  • Some help to get you started with module development for dotProject

5 Dynamically Linking Modules

Dynamically Linking Modules
  • This link provides details on how to dynamically link modules into dotProject core modules (for example, incorporating add on module views in dotProject tabs).

6 dtrace

  • Use of dtrace to track function calls

7 Security

Security Considerations
  • Notes and requirements for secure coding.

8 Release Preparation

Release Preparation
  • Steps in generating a release

9 Sourceforge File Release Procedure

Sourceforge File Release Procedure
  • How to build a release of an add on module on dotmods

10 Development Mailing Lists


11 dotProject 3 Directions

dotProject 3 Directions
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