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Note: We have purposely not included images in this documentation due to the difficulties in keeping these up to date and the confusion that arises when different themes are used.

1 User Administration

User Administration
  • This page provides links for all elements of user creation / administration.

2 Translation Management

  • Language Packs or Translations

3 System Configuration

System Configuration
  • System Administration > System Configuration Options

4 Default User Preferences

Default User Preferences
  • Setting Up System Wide User Preferences

5 System Lookup Keys

System Lookup Keys
  • System Lookup keys are the programming component of System Lookup Values - not normally adjusted by System Admins.

6 System Lookup Values

System Lookup Values
  • System lookup values are used to seed dropdowns such as Priority / Task Status listings etc.

7 Custom Field Editor

Custom Field Editor
  • Facility for adding some custom fields to a limited set of locations within dotProject.

8 Modules

Module Management
  • All about managing module orders, enabling / disabling modules, accessing configuration elements etc.

9 Module Configuration

Module Configuration
  • This page describes the configuration of individual modules, module by module, where configuration is required.

10 User Roles

see Permissions

11 Bulk Import Contacts from LDAP

Bulk Import Contacts from LDAP

12 UI Options

System Admin UI Options
  • This section covers special features and options with the UI available to System Admin logins.

13 Gantt Charts

Technical Information - Gantt Charts
  • Brief technical details on how we produce Gantt Charts

14 Odds and Ends

Change the Default Project Tab
Setting up Outgoing Email
Setting up User Sessions
Setting up Task Reminders
  • Suggestions, hints and general offerings from members of the community or that have been gleaned from support discussions. Make sure that you check the support forums for more
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System Administration