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dotProject requires a functioning web server with integrated PHP and MySQL support, and, of course, a web browser. Web server implementations include:

  • LAMP: Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP
  • WAMP: Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP
  • WIMP: Windows+IIS+MySQL+PHP [1]

We currently don't support other databases although there has been some discussion (around December 2006 / January 2007) of changes done to allow the use of Oracle. Postgres users see here.

As well as pre-requisites, please refer to Category:Known Issues prior to installation.


1 Web Server

dotProject requires a web server to run. It is not a client based programme. It cannot be run as a "desktop" application.

Apache is recommended to be at least version 1.3.27.

Apache2 is only recommended at release 2.0.49 or later combined with PHP4.3.5 or later. Earlier releases or releases combined with earlier versions of PHP may have problems and are not supported.


PHP version 5.0.x or higher is required.

PHP versions earlier than 5.0.x are NO LONGER SUPPORTED.

2.1 PHP Configuration

2.1.1 GD Library

PHP needs to have the GD library installed to allow the Gantt charts to work. Use the phpinfo() function on your local (or hosted) system to see if this is compiled/installed with PHP.

2.1.2 mbstring Library

PHP needs to have the "mbstring" library installed to allow for string handling to work properly in multi-byte character sets. This is a "requirement" in 2.1.3, but functionality has since been added in following releases to fall back to the original single-byte equivalent functions should the necessary functions not be present. Use the phpinfo() function on your local (or hosted) system to see if this is compiled/installed with PHP.

2.1.3 XML Support

XML support needs to be enabled. Missing XML support will show as missing utf8_encode and utf8_decode functions. Once again, use the phpinfo() function to determine if this is included with PHP. For a community provided suggestion see Adding XML Support

2.1.4 Memory Limits

We have seen a number of reports of Gantt charts that will not appear - no chart / no error / no nothing. This can be caused by the amount of memory allocated by the memory_limit setting in php.ini. If you don't have access to php.ini discuss with your hosting provider as this is outside dotProject control. You can also refer to Category:Memory_Limit_for_Gantt

2.1.5 Register_Globals / Security

Register_Globals MUST be turned off. For more information please refer to your php documentation.

2.2 PHP 5

PHP 5 support will be worked in from release 2.1.0 - rc1 and onwards. Ongoing effort will be undertaken in 3.x / HEAD Branch or a new bug fix release branch, depending upon timeframes / range of issues raised.[2]

Release 2.1 (14th October 2007) is PHP 5 and MySQL 5 compatible.


MySQL version 4.1 or higher is recommended.

We have heard rumours that 4.0 has some internal issues. 4.1 may work - we've not tested it directly so we cannot categorically state one way or the other. Suggest before you proceed that you check the status at MySQL's site.

You may also find an administration client useful - some that we are aware of (but not commenting on one way or the other - choose the one that you prefer):


3.1 MySQL 5

Basic SQL syntax has changed in MySQL 5, and some people are reporting difficulties with dotProject, others are experiencing minimal / no problems.

Release 2.1 (14th October 2007) is PHP 5 and MySQL 5 compatible.

3.2 Create Temporary Table

Your MySQL Configuration must allow the generation of temporary tables. If your hoster refuses to provide this functionality then dotProject as released will not work. See Category:FAQ for possible solutions, however, be aware that without temporary tables you are running in an unsupported environment and support may not be forthcoming from the Dev Team

4 Fonts

The Gantt charts used in dotProject use jpGraph. This requires that certain TrueType fonts are present on your system. Unfortunately many of these fonts are licensed in such a way as to make it illegal to package them with dotProject. Many systems will already have these fonts, however if you find that Gantt charts report missing font files, try searching SourceForge for 'fonts'.

5 Windows

If you are running Windows then it is recommended that one of the PHP/Apache/MySQL bundles be installed. This eliminates the need to install each component separately, and is recommended for beginners.

Apache2Triad is an excellent example of such a bundle.

(Unless you are using dotproject 2.1.1 or later (which is compatible with PHP5), be sure to get apache2triad version 1.2.3 and not a later version). Later versions with PHP5 incorporated will work with dotProject 2.1.1 +

6 Browser

Many of us prefer Firefox Get Firefox!

You will also need a fourth generation browser that supports style sheets and javascript (Firefox, Mozilla 1.2, Netscape 7.x, IE Version 5.5 or better, etc).

Many PNG image files are used in dotProject with alpha-transparency. Later versions of Mozilla and Netscape will render these properly. A patch has been applied to allow IE 6.0 to render these images also. However, earlier version of IE will not display the background of the images properly.

IE support lags behind other standards compliant browsers and will continue to do so.

7 Outgoing Mail

On Linux systems, dotProject v1.0.2 uses sendmail to handle outgoing mail. On Windows - SMTP.

dotProject version 2.x now supports both sendmail or SMTP on all platforms and sendmail is no longer mandatory.

Configuration of these tools is outside the scope of dotProject - you should refer to the relevant support services for information on both packages.

8 Footnotes

  1. ? Please note that IIS will never be an officially supported environment so support will be limited to other members of the community who have had similar experiences. This is a simple economic decision. A project that is free and openly available to all does not have the necessary finances to purchase, maintain and upgrade a commercial environment and, if we did have that sort of money, there are a lot more constructive things it could be spent on.
  2. ? We have an overriding requirement to ensure backwards and well as forwards compatibility with PHP and this is not straight-forward. See for lead developer's reasoning.

--KarenC 12:23, 1 November 2006 (EST)

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