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Note: We have purposely not included images in this documentation due to the difficulties in keeping these up to date and the confusion that arises when different themes are used.

1 The Basics

User Manual - The Basics
  • The basic user interface for dotProject remains the same regardless of the screens / functions you are using.

2 Companies, Departments and Contacts

User Manual - Companies, Departments and Contacts
  • Central modules within dotProject required to then group projects, users etc against.

3 Projects

User Manual - Projects
  • All about setting up, managing and using the projects module.

4 Tasks

User Manual - Tasks
  • Tasks are the actual work items recorded against projects. This section of the Wiki covers the creation and management of Tasks.

5 Gantt Charts

User Manual - Gantt Charts
  • Gantt Charts provide graphical depiction of individual or multiple projects.

6 History

User Manual - History Module
  • The History Module provides an audit trail of activities on the system.

7 Forums

User Manual - Forums
  • Very simple forum or communication module.

8 Calendar

User Manual - Calendar
  • All about the Calendar Module, Creating and Managing Events, as well the interface between Tasks and the Calendar.

9 Reports

User Manual - Project Reports
  • This section describes the standard reports that are delivered with dotProject.

10 Resources Module

User Manual - Resources Module
  • The resources module allows you to define and assign non-human resources (ie equipment, rooms etc).

11 Smartsearch

User Manual - Smartsearch Module
  • The Smartsearch module is a searching facility that will look for strings throughout all modules within your dotProject installation.

12 Links

User Manual - Links Module
  • The links module provides a facility for storing web URL's or links to specific references (optionally against projects if required)

13 Backup

User Manual - Backup Module
  • The backup module is an experimental XML backup for the dotProject database. WARNING: should not be used as the only backup function available.

14 Files Module

User Manual - File Module
  • File and Document Management Module

15 Required Fields (user-specific)

User Manual - Modules Required Fields
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