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The dotProject website is actually made up of a number of specialised application packages. We have opted for this method to ensure that we have ultimate functionality in all areas. You can access all of these links from the main website or you can go direct.


1 Main Website

  • You can register if you want to. If you do, and you access the Bugs... listing at the top of the screen, your login will be automatically carried across to the bugs site.

2 General News and Announcements

  • News and Announcements are on the main page of the main website. We also have recently generated an "offsite" dotProject Admin blog that we're using for general discussion points, hints, frequently asked admin questions and so on.

3 Documentation

  • No login required unless you want to add hints / tips for other users.


  • Quick lookup list of download locations.

5 Free Support

  • You will need to register separately from the main website if you wish to post. Please ensure that you read the posting rules and how the free support works Free Support

6 Paid / Priority Support

  • Login and go to your UserCP > Paid Subscriptions to see the options for paid support. See Priority Support for more details.

7 Bugs and Feature Suggestions

  • Registration automatically carried over from http://www.dotproject.net if you use the link from the menu - if not you will need to create a login to be able to lodge bug and/or feature requests. For specific instructions see Lodging Bug Reports
  • There is also a Feature Suggestions forum on the Free Support Forum. You can use this to discuss your feature request in more detail if you wish to. See also Lodging Feature Requests

8 Translations / Language Packs / Themes

Go to http://www.dotproject.net 
  • Follow the Language Packs and Themes link.

9 The Demo

Go to http://demo.dotproject.net 
  • No registration required
  • Log in as a normal user using login demo password demo
  • Log in as an admin user using login admin password admin

10 The Roadmap

Go to http://devsite.dotproject.net 
  • No registration required - login instructions provided on main screen

11 Our Sourceforge home page

  • Access to our Code Repository is via Sourceforge
  • Please only use the downloads - support is not provided at Sourceforge page, patches have only been left open to save the hassle of transferring them to Bugs and Suggestions.

12 dotMods - Add On Modules, User Community Contributions


13 IRC Channel

  • This channel is active, provided you try to remember that we all live in different time zones. Most of the devs that hang around on that channel are in Australia - so if you want a question answered you'll have to be on channel in the same timezone as us, or use the forums.

14 IRC Log


15 Third Party Support / Services

Third Party Support and Services
  • This page outlines the third party support and services that active supporters of the project provide. Please support them, by doing that you're directly supporting dotProject

--KarenC 17:21, 2 January 2007 (EST)

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